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March 26, 2007


LessWires, Inc announces special promotions for the tax franchise business. If you're interested in switching to VoIP to lower your communications costs by 50% or more, then please email us at to learn more about our complete IP PBX system.

Jan 12, 2007


LessWires, Inc announces the Launch of VoiceNG PBX solutions designed for the businesses of different sizes. In line with its commitment to serve the different market segments, LessWires annouces the immediate availability of VoiceNG product line of models of end-to-end soft IP PBX system.

Switch Your business to VoIP

If you've heard of all the hype surrounding VoIP and the cost savings that it can accomplish for you, then

you have come to the right place. LESSWIRES, INC. is now offering a PROVEN, RELIABLE, and COST-EFFECTIVE solution to businesses of any size seeking to dramatically cut their communication costs and enhance employee productivity. Utilizing very affordable technology, LESSWIRES, INC has shown businesses how they can cut their dependency altogether from phone companies and long-distance carriers. LessWires soft IP PBX system is a next generation VoIP-capable telephony system that packs advanced features usually found only in high-end systems that are much more expensive.

Join a number of growing businesses worldwide and contact LESSWIRES, INC today for your no-cost, no-obligation consultation

Call 1-866 878 9992 today and start saving!

If you are located in Canada, please check the Contact Us section.

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